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“Age-Friendly Community Assessment” :
The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a community assessment in order to find out how suitable the community is for older adults and to identify areas for improvement. This assignment is worth 20% of your grade.

The assignment requires you to select two categories from the Checklist of essential features of age-friendly cities and assess a community on the categories you have chosen. -> I have chosen “Outdoor spaces and buildings” and “Transportation”

Some general guidelines for the assignment :

-The assignment should be formatted as a report with a title page, introduction, conclusion, and appropriate headings and subheadings

-For the two categories you choose, each criteria for the category should be addressed in the report. There should be an analysis for each criteria of how the community does or does not meet the criteria and also any recommendations you have for improvement

-Recommendations should be presented in a list format, and can be presented at the end of the report, at the end of each category, or after each criteria. Recommendations should be organized so they are clearly linked with the criteria they are addressing.

-The pictures for the assignment should be taken by you. I realize for some categories it may be difficult for you to take pictures, in which case you may supplement your pictures with other materials (eg., brochures, maps, etc.) or pictures from other sources as long as they are properly cited. Please try and take your own pictures whenever possible though, and make sure you have at least a couple of your own pictures for each category.

Clarification about assignment length :

For this assignment I would suggest approximately 10-15 pages single spaced, plus appendices if desired. The reason I have suggested this length is because in a report format, with the using of headings, subheadings, etc. normally there ends up being a fair bit of white space on your pages. Also, most students prefer to put their pictures directly into the body of their report rather than as separate appendices, in which case the pictures will contribute to the page count and pictures tend to take up a fair amount of room in the report. If you are submitting your pictures separately then your report likely will be shorter. Ultimately though, 10-15 pages is just a suggested length and it is up to you to decide how long your report needs to be.

Grading Scheme :

Discussion of the Community: Comprehensive use of the checklist to assess community resources in terms of services, organizations, infrastructure, etc. Relevance and level of detailed information (50 points)

Quality of writing: Includes: clarity, coherence, sentence/paragraph structure, spelling, grammar etc (10 points)

Use of Photographs: Representation of the various aspects of the two categories with visual materials. Usefulness of information/content of the photographs and their integration with the text (either by notes attached to the photos or links with the main discussion) (20 points)

Recommendations: Appropriate and thoughtful recommendations related to the issues identified in the two categories (20 points)