Why are modern advances bringing us farther apart, destroying lives and doing more harm than good

HW 9: Summary of Turkle Article
Example #2— Why are modern advances bringing us farther apart, destroying lives and doing more harm than good?
I.                   Introduction
a.       Hook: The Closer you are to your Mobile Device, The farther you are from real world.
b.      Thesis: People’s addiction to become more social has skewed the main reason why we need to, and in the end only has broken the few physical and mental boundaries, keeping many of our morals from being lost.
II.                Body
a.       Back then, it was harder to send messages to your loved ones, but it made the few you sent, much more memorable. However now people take the ability to talk to people much too lightly, leading to the de-humanizing of people to many. Only to see some humans as a name or number on their friend count or twitter feed.
                                                              i.      Reference New Article: Dehumanizing People: How Social Connections create Elitsts
                                                            ii.      Reference News Article: Social Media- Humanizing Brands and Dehumanizing People?
b.      The intentions where good, but I believe us as a society took the wrong step, when the goal was changed. From just trying to speed up message delivery and connecting people with loved or to be loved ones. Company’s and developers wanted to go global, connect everyone with everyone, and give everyone a way to explore the world from the touch of your finger. But this power was too much, everyone won’t be friends with everyone, some will be rejected. The problem was how they were.
                                                              i.      News article: From leisure society to shopping on the toilet, where did we go wrong?
c.       Where the “future” leading us to and why.
                                                              i.      Sherry Turkle’s Sherry Turkle: Connected But Alone?
                                                            ii.      Our future is the next Generation, the next Gen. is our kids and the things we are teaching and showing our kids is changing for the worst, but sadly enough their maturity rate isn’t accelerating as fast.
d.      How we can fix it.
                                                              i.      In this day and age, social media is vital, but too much of anything is bad. As long as we as a human race balance it out it will be fine.
                                                            ii.      The megalodon shark, it’s race over consumed its self to extinction. Even though we may not eat are phones, too may… (will fix it)
                                                          iii.      Reference Famous quote:  Need to find it
III.             Conclusion
a.       We will only begin to get worse, evil is in all of us, just the good people know how to keep it in check.