What makes a literature/book greatTopic: What makes a literature/book great?

The paper should be about: What makes a literature/book great? Is Les Miserables (or any other books – but Les Miserables is one of the books that has been read in class) a great book? Why or why not? Are all classics great? Why or why not?

The paper should demonstrate original thought! + strong support + effective language.
Please, write the paper as if you're talking. Writing too academically will bore the reader! Which means the reader will think the paper simply sucks. But writing meaningful and relatable is totally a different thing. 🙂

Notes from the English class:

-raises question (makes you think)
-makes you contribute
-achieves its purposes
-noble purposes
-great author -> great person???? so a bad person's book is going to be bad?
-applicable to broad audience
-presents reality
these raised the following question: are there great worldviews?