What is their understanding of human nature

n a well-written paper 5-10 pages in length (double-spaced, Times New Roman, one-inch margins, in MLA or Chicago Style) in addition to a bibliography, write a critical or comparative essay about any major philosopher’s study of human nature, to be approved by your professor. Recommended philosophers include


Saint Augustine of Hippo


Immanuel Kant

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Karol Wojtyla

In the course of your paper you must answer the following questions: What is their understanding of human nature? How does it compare with the topics discussed in this class?

In addition you must focus your paper on one or two topics, the thesis statement e.g. the immortality of the soul, how we attain knowledge and certainty, or the relationship of nature and personhood.

You will be required to cite at least one primary source and three secondary print sources. It is recommended that you use and cite properly more sources.

It is strongly recommended that you do not use internet sources, as these can be spurious, are typically not peer reviewed, though you may use credible internet sources beyond the required number of print sources. You are required to cite any sources that you use. This includes the course text books or internet sources. Do not use Wikipedia. MLA and Chicago are acceptable citation methods. Any paper that has not be properly cited will earn a failing grade.