What evidence-based changes have been implemented as a result of these statistical findings

Pediatric Written Assignment
As health care providers we rely on statistics to guide the care we deliver to our patients.  Evidence based practice guidelines use statistics gathered from many different forms of research.  One important set of statistics is the morbidity and mortality data, which are health indicators for a specific population.  Morbidity numbers help epidemiologists to understand health problems within a given population.  This data is critical in assisting epidemiologists in developing ways to intervene or improve the health for that given population.  The data collected are obtained from reliable sources such as hospital discharge information, death certificates and reportable disease data banks.   Mortality refers to the epidemiologic vital statistics for death.  Death is recorded as being caused by degeneration of vital organs, disease states, accidents, homicides or disasters.  The data for both morbidity and mortality is often reported in the form of a ratio, proportion, or percentage rate.   
With this in mind, select a health issue which affects the pediatric population. Research and compare the morbidity and mortality statistics available on the topic at the national and state level and report the data you have found on the subject, addressing the following questions in your paper using APA format. 
1.      What is the health or safety issue you have chosen, and how does it affect the pediatric population?
a.)    What evidence-based changes have been implemented as a result of these statistical findings?
b.)    How have these changes impacted the health and safety of the target population?
2.      Based on the research of this topic, what preventative measures have been put forth to help improve the outcomes for the target population in the state of AZ
3.      How will the information you have researched impact the way you deliver nursing care to this population?
The Paper should be 4-5 pages with a minimum of 3 scholarly references (such as a medical or nursing journal or a publication from the National Institute of Health), references should be published within the past 5 years.
·         Review of written assignment and grading rubric will take place Week 2 of Class
·         Topic for instructor approval will be due Week 3 of Class
·         Final project will be due Week 11 of Class at 0800
·         No abstract needed
·         You will need an introduction and conclusion
·         Maintain third person throughout your paper