What are the two rationales for the crime of attempt

Please WRITE SUBSTANTIVE ESSAYS! This means SEVERAL PARAGRAPHS for each answer, with citations in bluebook format. A minimum of 500 words is required for each essay. Make sure you support your essay with citations/references in BlueBook citation format!! No plagiarism.

1.What are the two rationales for the crime of attempt? Provide an example of each.

2.Discuss some of the new ways that computers and the internet have made it possible for criminal to commit old crimes. Provide examples of how the law has changed to accommodate these new forms of old crimes.

3.In what ways do traditional parent responsibility statutes differ from vicarious liability? Why do we have vicarious liability statutes? Which do you think functions better: parental responsibility statutes or vicarious liability? Provide at least one example to support your argument.

4.Discuss the broken windows theory and provide examples. What has the research shown about the validity of the theory?