Total Quality ManagementSCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT
The Masters Programme
Study Session: May – July 2014
Elective Module: Total Quality Management (MN7822)
Assignment Question
Consider an organisation with which you are familiar (this may be one that
have you currently or previously worked).
To what extent can (or could) it be described as following the principles and
elements of TQM?
Identify where the organisation needed to make improvements to more fully
realise TQM as a “holistic” approach to ensuring organisational success. What
barriers may prevent achieving these improvements? How might they be
Further Guidance
(a) Be careful not to spend too much of your assignment simply describing
course concepts or examples. Your emphasis should be on applying
the frameworks or concepts to allow you to analyse the issues
identified in the question and for this analysis to be a foundation for
your subsequent conclusions;

(b) We also advise that you use the electronic databases (e.g. Business
Source Premier and Emerald) in the library to search for additional
academic articles which support your answer;
(c) Remember to reference sources appropriately.
Assessment Criteria
In addition to the criteria outlined above and in the Programme Handbook,
students are expected to demonstrate:
(a) the ability to apply frameworks and concepts from the TQM literature
to ‘real world’ cases;
(b) the ability to identify the implications of such an analysis for quality
and quality management within organisations; and
(c) the ability to reach a conclusion based upon the analysis of both theory
and practice in addressing the question.
Word limit: 3,500
Date for submission: 31 July 2014
Submission Instructions:
Please visit the Online Submission facility on Blackboard for further
information and guidance on submitting your assignment electronically. Only
one file in the specified format can be submitted.
 Please insert the assignment question to your submission.
 Retain your electronic submission receipt.
If you have questions about the submission of your work via Blackboard
please contact the School of Management for assistance, before the
deadline date.