This paper has to have the problem from a forensic accountants point of view such as This paper aims at examining the relationship between the various managerial theories and forensic analysis. Problem without fraud inspection and identification includes

Your task in this week is to write a complete draft of your Concept Paper, making sure it is properly organized, well-written, using the attached concept Template . You will continue to work on your Concept Paper in your first DIS course, so while this is a draft, it should be the very best you can make it at this point.

Main Task: Develop a Draft Dissertation Concept Paper related to forensic accounting. Fraud theory, causes corporate losses, needed changes using applied forensics.
To complete this assignment well, you need to draw on your learning from previous courses, depending on whether you are proposing a qualitative or quantitative study. Be sure that:
•Your literature review is sufficiently thorough to support your claim of a gap in the research literature