Then discuss how they are evident in and affect each of the imagesChoose one artist of interest to you. Then follow the requirements under the three
categories that you will be graded on. NO Wikipedia as a source, but you can use
their reference links below their articles
CONTENT: see below for grading chart
• Include some (no more than one paragraph) biographical information.
• Include 2 images.
• Analyze and identify
o THREE elements (chap 2) and

o THREE principles (chap 3)
of your choice for each image. Then discuss how they are evident in and
affect each of the images.
• Describe any innovations in technique or style that this artist is known for
• 4 pages + Bibliography or Works Cited page
FORMATTING: IF you include quotations there must be correct citations
MLA style required
• You MUST include a “Works Cited” ONLY for the list of sources for your
quotation, in other words: For works (sources) that are cited.
• You can place all of the images at the end of the paper, or in the text, but either
way, they all need to have the title in italics under each on the left side, and the
author on the right.
Man with Grey Hat Vincent vanGogh
• ANY sources that you used for research BUT did not use for quotations, is under
a list titled Bibliography
• Spell check your paper before submission
• Grammar check it also
• Look carefully that you have complete sentences: noun, verb, etc.
4 Pg paper
due end of week 7
Your paper also needs the following elements:
• 8 ½ x 11, typed, double-spaced, 12 point.
• Try to use Times Roman font
• indent paragraphs (.5 inch)
• Your Name, Name of Class, Instructor Name and Date of paper in the
LEFT upper corner of paper:
ex: Jane Smith
Art 100
Fall Qtr 2012
It would be nice for you to include a title that would be centered.