The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company – Paper Outline
Introduction – Peter
          Disney’s Subsidiaries include: ABC, ESPN,  Marvel, LucasArts, Touchstone, and Pixar
          Positive Highlights (2013):
o   8 million books donated
o   Nearly 700k hours donated
o   “Positively impacted the lives of 4 million children)
o   Greenhouse Gas, Solid Waste, Electricity – All reduced
          Ethics – Pengju
o   Child Labor, Animal Cruelty, Health Implications for Children
o   Ethnic and Racial Stereotyping
o   Commercialism
          Sustainability – Sultan
o   Green Initiative, “Project Blue,” Treasure Island Bahamas Controversy, Disney Hong Kong Problems
          Pricing & Products– Omar
o   Merchandise and Admission Pricing, Disneyland Paris Issues, Disney Princess Female Perceptions, Disney Villain perceptions
ERS in the News – Fahad
          Disney Handicapped Line Cutting Scandal
          What is was
          How Disney reacted
          How people reacted to Disney