The role that physical appearance and onstage/offstage demeanor play in establishing and developing celebrity

Final Paper Guidelines
The final paper for the course is due NO LATER THAN Tuesday, May 13th.
            1.  You may submit the paper to me via hard copy or email.
            2.  I will be happy to look over rough drafts if you forward them to me sufficiently
                 in advance of the due date.
            3.  You should aim for a length of 5-7 pages (double-spaced, font size 12).
            4.  Your paper grade will be based on the following:
                        a.  Content and original thought.
                        b.  The use and establishment of a central thesis around which your main
                        points are focused.
                        c.  Consistent and clear citation and bibliography formats (if outside
                        sources, including the Internet, are consulted).
                        d.  Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
                        e.  Thorough proofreading for writing errors.
Possible Topics
You are free to choose and develop a topic other than those suggested below, as long as your topic is related to the overall course theme.  You may choose music, musicians,
and subject matter from any genre (opera and musical theater, but also popular music if you prefer) for your focus.
Here are some possible topics for you to consider (or to use as a basis for developing your own topic).
            1.  Musical celebrities as role models for their audiences (in particular, younger
            2.  The role that physical appearance and onstage/offstage demeanor play in
            establishing and developing celebrity.
            3.  Intertextuality between artists and/or musical works as they relate to celebrity.
            4.  The use of Internet-based marketing to establish celebrity.
            5.  The ways in which musical celebrity can reflect and/or impact political
            and social issues.
            6.  Overview and discussion of a musical celebrity’s rise to fame as it relates
            to their musical output (stylistic, thematic, etc.).
            7.  Celebrity and the performance of race or ethnicity.
Also, I would suggest reviewing the Power Points and class notes for ideas!

Here are some musical theater and opera repertoire ideas that you might consider (in no particular order).
A Star is Born
            Jesus Christ Superstar
            Rush Limbaugh:  The Musical
            Moulin Rouge
            Side Show
            Sunset Boulevard
            Music in the Air
            Annie Get Your Gun
            The Producers
            A Class Act
            Billy Elliot
            La Cage aux Folles
            Legally Blonde
            Idol:  The Musical
            Lend Me a Tenor
            Jerry Springer:  The Opera
            Waiting for Miss Monroe
            Anna Nicole
            Jackie O.
            Nixon in China
            Einstein on the Beach
            Harvey Milk
            The Mother of Us All