Sociology Assisted Living Getting OldFood for Thought:

One of America’s growing social problems is the increasing number of elderly individuals in this country with medical issues. Medical technology has made it possible for many to live longer, but is it worth the price that many have to pay for longevity? As your parents and/or grandparents near the end of lives, you and your family members will probably be asking some serious questions about the quality of his/her life. Such as “ How long should life be extended and by what means? “Is the pain your love one experiencing too great to bear? “How can the quality of life for your love one in their final days be improved? “How can you or anyone else, determine or evaluate the quality of your love one’s life? 

After viewing the documentaries “Facing Death”and Life & Death in Assisted Living ask yourself, “Are you prepared to deal with your aging parents and/or grandparents as they near the end of their lives? Would you try to prolong their lives after the quality of life is no longer worth living? Are you, yourself, prepared to live old in America?