Should all immigrants get id card

Length requirement: 6-8 pages

Write an essay in which you take a position on a controversial issue. The issue about which you write must directly affect you or members of a community to which you belong. Consider choosing current debates (try browsing newspapers’ opinion pages and especially The New York Times’ “Room for Debate”).

Include the following in your essay:

An Introduction to the Issue:

Begin by explaining the issue to your readers, defining key or unfamiliar terms, giving them a sense of the history of the debate. Tell readers who the debate's outcome affects and how it affects them–that is, what's at stake. Consider beginning with a dramatic story or example. Assume that your readers know very little about the issue.
A Clearly Articulated Position:
Be sure that your essay includes a clear articulation of an arguable position. Take a strong stance, and make sure you're not arguing about a matter of taste. Consider following a statement of thesis with a forecasting statement.

Reasons and Support for Your Position
Continue by presenting reasons for your position. Reasons are often based upon widely shared values (privacy, freedom, tolerance) and consequences (to persons and communities, to economies, nations, and corporations). 

Support your reasons with
-examples from literature, film, television, new media, history, science, news stories

The more support you provide, and the more varied it is, the more persuasive your essay will be.

An Effective Counterargument
Be sure to anticipate reasons for opposing your position. You could refute them, but you might simply acknowledge or diminish them. Use phrases like “Although…” Some may argue…” “While it's true that…” to introduce opposing viewpoints. Above all,

Essays must cite at least 6 credible sources.

At least 2 of your sources must come from a database. At least 2 of your sources must come from a newspaper or news blog (in print or online). At least 1 of your sources must be from a media source (television, film, radio, blog, etc.).
Essays must follow MLA formatting and citation standards (see ANGEL for a variety of links and resources for MLA help).
Submit a stapled, hard copy of your essay and portfolio in a folder. You must as well submit the essay to