Short ReportAssignment Number: 1. Short Report
Distribution Date: 16/10/2013
Submission Date: 15/11/2013
Assessment Format: Produce a report to present to the Managing Director of your chosen
company. This must be written in professional manner and properly
referenced. The report should comply with the word count of 500 with
+/- 10% margin. You may use tables and diagrams to support your
report to illustrate the text. Word count excludes the index, headings,
information contained in tables, references and bibliography.

As a newly appointed Marketing Manager, you are required to carry out a market environment
situation analysis. For this, identify and analyse Macro environment, Micro external environment,
Micro internal environment and the capabilities using a range of tools and techniques suitable for
each market situation.
Summarised your analysis using a PESTLE and SWOT Analysis. (LO 2.1)
The objective of the above analysis shall enable you to develop a marketing plan for the proposed
strategy addressing the issues identified in the marketing analysis in the second part of the
For example you may identify the strategies such as,
existing market share through market stimulation
existing market share through new product development
a new market through introducing existing product(s) to a new market
a new market through new product development