Review the concept of Planning PurchasesThe scope of this assignment is the evaluation of a Procurement Plan for use in a project
based organization.

1. Review the concept of Planning Purchases.
2. Discuss the general purpose of a procurement plan.
3. Identify and analyze three key component of a typical procurement plan.

Acknowledgment of Sources
All sources used must be acknowledged using Chicago style of referencing.
You should read extensively to complete this task.
Any form of plagiarism will result in failure of the assignment and unit.

The assignment must be typed (12 font minimum, 2.5cm margins all round, single space)
on A4 paper, punctuated with appropriate headings, stapled together (top left) with the
prescribed cover sheet and marking plan.

Do not bind the assignment.

The assignment is not to exceed 4 pages or 1500-2000 words excluding contents and