Psychology and Education

make an Electronic Portfolio
In the portfolio, you should have evidence that you have an understanding of the following:
Neurobiology and Genetics of Learning Disabilities.
Learning Disabilities in Families.
Understanding of the different types of Learning Disabilities
Response to Intervention (RTI)

Identification of students with Learning Disabilities.
Language Development with individuals with Disabilities.
Fine Motor and Gross Motor Development of individuals with Learning Disabilities.
Effective Teaching Practices for students with Learning Disabilities.
Self-Advocacy for students with Learning Disabilities.
Learning Disabilities and IDEA.
Transition of Students With Learning Disabilities

This evidence can be demonstrated though many venues. Observations that are documented, life experience that are documented, Research and review of data, or any other creative way that you would like to show understanding.

Elements to be evaluated: Clarity/quality/thorough nature of summary evidence of thoughtfulness analysis in review, APA citations.