Presentation of Research Work. How many words should I set this toDo you still have all the files from the last assignment? Worried about finalising it as you will need those files for this assignment?

Paper instructions:
You will present a summary of your research work and your findings to your peers.

(Oral presentation or poster)

Paper instructions:

Assignment Title: Presentation of Research Work

Learning Outcomes:
3. Independently plan, execute and present hypothesis-driven work.
4. Demonstrate an ability to select and apply appropriate subject knowledge from across their programme of study.

As part of a course of study in science at this level students need to put into practise the processes of scientific discovery and present their own research work. This assignment provides an opportunity for students to either orally present their research work or present it in the form of a poster, in the style used when addressing a research conference.

You are required to present a summary of your specialist research study at the SDC HE Research Dissemination Event. This event is in the style of a research conference/symposium and you must present your work in one of the two forms appropriate for that kind of event in science. The two forms are either a poster or an oral presentation. You must include a brief description of your methods, an analysis of your results and present your conclusions. Also include an evaluation of your experimental design, improvements and suggestions for further work.
You should be prepared to answer questions from attendees at the event.
This presentation will be based upon your written report in assignment 2 and may contain similar sections as appropriate.
The specific form of the presentation will be discussed with your supervisor.

Assessment Criteria:
1. Development of the conceptual framework for the research project: 10%
2. Theoretical background to the research undertaken: 30%
3. Findings and discussion of the research: 30%
4. Conclusions and recommendations: 10%
5. Presentation of work, design/layout: 20%

The writer must be English as it is to be written in English, not American or Chinese English. Would rather that not so many American (uni/college) websites were referenced either, I hope you know what I mean by this.

HAVE INCLUDED A FILE called example of a past paper that shows what harvard referencing should look like called EXAMPLE PLEASE LOOK AT THIS.

YOU MUST LOOK AT JOURNALS FOR THIS. Where possible reference from up to date journals (from the last four years) and reference from the suggested reading list at the bottom of the instructions. As a rule use around 1 reference (from different sources) for every 100 words, use journals mainly, up to date books and try to stay away from webpages.

Type of assignment: Presentation

Word count: N/A

Oral presentation supported by any resources appropriate/available. Computer, projector and IWB available for use.
Poster presentation: A1 poster printed out.
All references must be cited in both forms of communication. Referencing system appropriate to the assignment handbook. Refer to your Assignment Handbook for further guidance.

Indicative reading:

Cottrell, S. (2008) The study skills handbook. 3rd edition. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN-13: 978-0230573055
Walliman, N. (2005) Your Research Project: A Step-by-Step Guide for the First-Time Researcher. 2nd edition. London: Sage Publications Ltd. ISBN-13: 978-8178295404