Photo History

Compose a written paper that includes the following:
A brief biography of the photographer, including birth and death dates, nationality, occupation, and places where the photographer's work was published
A discussion on the work, photographic styles, and approaches of the photographer
At least one visual example from photography, painting, or other media that was an influence on this photographer, as well as your interpretation of how the photographer was influenced by this artist or artwork
A discussion identifying the social, political, economic, or cultural influences of the work, as related to the time period

A description of how the photographer's work is different from that of his or her peers in style or approach and how he or she exemplifies fine art photography
Locate three examples of images by your photographer. Embed copies of the images in your paper and cite the source. Critique all the three images using the “describe, interpret, and evaluate” method.
Look in the later chapters of your textbook or conduct an Internet search. Find at least one contemporary artist who cites your historical photographer as an innovator or influence. Make connections between the contemporary photographer and the historical one by discussing the similarities and differences in the work. Embed at least one image by the contemporary photographer and cite the source.