Select a general topic in information management. Examples:

o Recent Apple technology
o New developments in GPS
o Trends in educational software
o Medical imaging technology
o Cellular telephonics for first responders
o Chip technology as a security feature
o Digital photography in crime scene analysis

o Digital mapping and analysis in law enforcement
o Cellular communications in disaster zones
o Off‐site data storage for security and business resumption
o Recent hacking incidents and trends
o Recent developments in bar‐coding

Write a two‐page memo giving an overview of your Portfolio topic. Give reasons for its current importance.

Then, from online sources, collect articles, lists, brochures, catalogues, photographs, illustrations, bibliographies, extracts, samples, and other materials that illuminate your Portfolio topic. You may scan any hardcopy that you wish to include. You may annotate any items, and include marginal notes Assignment guide
and comments if you wish. Feel free to point out information that you find especially useful or interesting. You may include up to 30 items in your portfolio.

Please let me know the topic and scope of your Portfolio before you proceed with the research.