MarketingAssignment Number: 2. Report
Distribution Date: 16/10/2013
Submission Date: 31/01/2014
Assessment Format: Produce a report to present to the Managing Director of your chosen
company. This must be written in professional manner and properly
referenced. The report should comply with the word count of 3000
with +/- 10% margin. You may use tables and diagrams to support
your report to illustrate the text. Word count excludes the index,
headings, information contained in tables, references and bibliography.

As a newly appointed Marketing Manager, you are required to carry out a detailed industry
analysis for your chosen organisation. The purpose of this is to formulate a suitable marketing
campaign for your chosen organisation. Produce a report detailing the below.
As part of the introduction to the report give a brief explanation of the various elements of the
marketing process (LO 1.1)
Evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for the selected organisation. (LO 1.2)
Following the SWOT analysis identify a product/service that can be marketed to two different
segments. Justify your reason for the proposed segmentation criteria. (LO 2.2)
Choose a target strategy for the chosen product/service. (LO 2.3)
Assessment Type: Individual
BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business
Unit 4: Marketing Principles Regent College
For the chosen strategy discuss how the buyer behaviour affects marketing activities in different
buying situations. Discuss the buyer behaviour in relation to the segmentation criteria you have
identified. (LO 2.4)

Suggest a range of positioning options for your selected product/service (LO 2.5)
Focus on one of the objectives and develop a marketing plan. Provide a justification and an
explanation with reasons for the chosen strategy. Your explanation should include,
 how the product is going to be developed to sustain competitive advantage (LO 3.1)
 how distribution is going to be arranged to provide customer convenience (LO 3.2)
 how you would set the price of the product to reflect organisation’s objectives and
marketing conditions (LO 3.3)
Plan and recommend marketing mixes for the two different segments you have discussed in LO
2.1. (LO 4.1)
For the segments you have discussed above clearly explain the marketing mix with including the
promotion element. You should discuss how the promotional activity is integrated to achieve
marketing objective. (LO 3.4)
Include an analysis into the additional elements of the extended marketing mix, providing your
marketing plan (LO 3.5)
Developed a marketing strategy to market the products and services to an organisation. What
differences are there if you market your products and services to an organisation? (LO 4.2)
Suggest on implementing a marketing strategy to market abroad. What would be different from
international marketing to domestic marketing? (LO 4.3)