Marketing plan for the tourism and hospitality business/organization

75 Points (Due on May 9- midnight in the Final Exam Upload folder)
(Note: Frequently asked questions by students from previous two semesters are pasted                 on pages 3-5)
Write a marketing plan for the tourism and hospitality business/organization you selected for your presentation. This exercise is an extension of your presentation project. Refer to the posted marketing plan examples from the tourism industry in the ‘Marketing Plans’ folder (please note these are real life examples and need to be examined critically based on Week Fourteen (a) lecture notes or the criteria offered below. They can offer you some practical ideas) or another posted example outline written by a previous student to get an idea on format (I plan to post this template on April 21 in the ‘Final Exam’ folder).
DO NOT copy and paste text from the posted documents. You will lose your grade. Use these examples to create an outline and get ideas. Please use essay format. In some cases, bullets will work but the paper should be largely in paragraph format. Not more than 3 pictures (less than half the size of a page) can be included).  Also read Chapter 18 on marketing plan for more ideas. Week Fourteen lecture notes refer to this chapter.
Marketing plans differ for each business/organization. Your marketing plan should include the following:  Time frame has to be two years minimum (May 2014 to April 2016) 
Executive Summary
– Mission statement – Will help you set goals and objectives 
– Goals and objectives
– Brand information – What makes your business distinctive?  (See Chapter 9 or related lecture notes)
            – Brand personality
Hint- Relate the brand personality concept to your business. Examine the pictorial and textual content used to promote the business on the signature website and suggest how different brand personality dimensions can be used based on Aaker’s modified BPS (brand personality dimensions). To refresh yourself on this topic, see lecture notes on product (Week Seven lecture notes).
– Basic information of your product, mix, levels, and life cycle stage 
– Environment analysis (SWOT)   (minimum 2 pages- focus on both macro and micro environment factors)
– Research plan and market intelligence (see Chapter 5 and related lecture notes- please make this section detailed) (use a minimum of 2 pages)
– Knowledge of your target markets (both current and potential) – suggest positioning statements for them… Use visitor reports from Arizona Office of Tourism to suggest potential target markets… (minimum length – 2 pages)
– Budget – is up to you. You can use the budget presented in the project. Remember to describe the budget strategy (such as affordable, percentage sales, competitive parity or objective task).
– Promotion strategies – you can use the ones from your presentation project but will need to articulate what you did in your presentation and extend those strategies over two years. For instance, you can break down the promotional tools/designs per season- Fall, Spring, and Summer (please use a minimum of 3-4 pages). Make sure you use a mix of promotional tools.
Include social media (both direct and third party managed) and mobile marketing suggestions. Explain how these will be effective in reaching select target markets (minimum 1-2 pages).
Please note: You also have the option to design an outline of your plan based on the different sections mentioned in Chapter 18 (see Week Fourteen (a) lecture notes) or use a real industry example posted in the ‘Marketing Plans’ folder.  Regardless of your design and layout, please make sure you cover all the topics mentioned above.

 Length – minimum of 14 pages (double spaced- font size 12) excluding title page and references; Please follow APA format for references & citations. Examples of APA style are posted in the Final Exam folder…