Management Information and Communication Systems (MICS)

Management Information and Communication Systems (MICS)

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There are two Assignment questions? You can pick which option you would like.


Critically discuss the reasons why organisations outsource IT and/or e-commerce.
What are the crucial issues in managing these outsourced relationships?
Draw on relevant journals in the areas of Information Systems, E-Commerce, Procurement, Economics and General Business and Management when developing your answer.


Evaluate a related website of your choice and the related e-commerce operation

(i) The purpose of the website should be outlined
(ii) The website should then be analysed using Webqual (Barnes and Vidgen, 2001) and relevant accessibility measures.
(iii) The e-commerce operation should be critically evaluated using the Value Creation model of Amit and Zott (2001) especially pp503-511

Amit, R. and Zott C. (2001) Value creation in E-Business, Strategic Management Journal, Volume 22, Numbers 6-7, pp493-520

Barnes, S., & Vidgen, R., (2001) An evaluation of cyber-bookshops: the WebQual method, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Volume 6, Number 1: 11-30