In each module/week of the course you will write a journal entry based on a provided prompt. This prompt is to encourage you to reflect on what you have learned throughout each module/week of this course. There is not a minimum or maximum word count per week, but you will be graded on quality of response.
It is expected that you have honestly and fully reflected on each prompt in your post. Your instructor will be the only one who will see your journal entry.
Module/Week 7 assignment: Billy (Graham) insulated his life from temptation by creating a resolution early in his ministry to avoid sexual temptation, cooperate with local churches, reliably report on the successes of their evangelistic ministry, and to not misuse money. The Modesto Manifesto provided him personal guidelines regarding his own expectations for himself.
What type of guidelines have you put in your life?
What type of guidelines do you need to put in your life?
Myra, Harold and Marshall Shelley. The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2005. ISBN: 9780310287889.
*****Information found in Parts 5–6 ******