JournalEach journal entry is worth 100 points. Grading is based on the following breakdown:
(1) Substance (30 points) – For a seminar, does the journal entry directly address the questions provided in the course material? Are the answers complete? Do they adequately address the issues?
(2) Clarity (30 points) – Is the journal entry legible, understandable, and reasonably well organized?
(3) Critical Thinking (40 points) – Does the journal entry include at least one insight about the class. Does this insight reflect critical thinking about the subject? 

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I will treat a journal as I would a report from a professional employee. I will not grade English grammar. If your grammar detracts from the report, I shall give the journal a zero grade. The CE 4092 grading criteria for journals are the professional quality of the journal and whether or not I like it. Whether or not I agree with your vu-point has nothing to do with the grading.
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