Is the solution to the negative power of words to change negative behaviors in the world (Lakoff) or simply to stop using negative words (Lawrence)

Include at least 7 secondary sources. Four of these 7 sources must be essays or parts of books from the Sawyer Library catalog or databases. You should also draw on readings from Graff and Birkenstein's They Say / I Say or Across the Curriculum Reader. You may certainly use items found in your Bibliography assignment or that you used in writing Synthesis # 1.

This final synthesis essay gives you a chance to really stretch your writing muscles and discuss your topic in numerous ways to persuade your reader. Of course, this is an argument synthesis so you are arguing a specific point and using sources to help your point come to light and appear logical and persuasive. Your sources will be valuable in providing examples or support for your ideas as well as counter arguments or ideas that you will shoot down or dismiss as you argue yourself.

The Assignment

Compose a 10 page/7 source argument synthesis. Remember, you must argue a position in this essay and use sources to help prove your point. I am also asking that you include a counter argument or two to show your versatility in arguing and seeing different sides of the topic.

The objective of this assignment is NOT to make you an expert in linguistics or economics or nuclear physics or evolution or medical ethics, but to give you practice in constructing an argument (your I say in response to the they say of other writers), in using a system of citation and documentation (in this case, MLA style), and in synthesizing a variety of sources with your own ideas into a coherent essay.