Intro to Pathophysiology discussion questions

Answer each question in 50 words or more.

Question 2: Mrs. Smith is a cancer patient admitted to the emergency room with a high fever (103 degrees) and severe fatigue. She is currently on chemotherapy for her cancer that was diagnosed as stage 2 breast cancer. The ER physician orders a complete blood count (CBC) as well as a culture to determine the cause of
her infection. Her CBC results show hemoglobin of 10 g/dl and a hematocrit of 27%. Her iron and folic acids levels are within normal range. Her culture has not returned from the lab yet. What do you think her potential diagnosis is and why? 

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Question 4: Mr. Howard is a 47 year old male who was a past IV drug abuser. He has been clean for 5 years now and is currently working in Africa volunteering for the Red Cross. He has been having the following symptoms: muscle pain, weight loss, yellow skin coloring, fever, and abdominal pain. What might Mr. Howard be diagnosed with and why? Could any of these diseases be prevented? What might his treatment be?

Question 5: Mary is a 30 year old female who recently started having symptoms of muscle weakness. She says that she gets fatigued easily and has even had some numbness in her fingers. She is afraid to drive at night because she is having trouble “seeing clearly.” What could Jane be diagnosed with? What test can her medical team do to confirm this diagnosis? What treatments are available for this disease and how will this disease affect her quality of life? Please use other references other than your text to research this question and list your references.

Question 6: Infertility affects many couples especially over the age of 30. Research possible causes of infertility and treatments available. Post your findings and the complete URLs of where you got your research (Wikipedia is not accepted). Also include in the post your thoughts on this question: With Octo-Mom in the news in the last few years; should there be a limit on how many fertilized eggs a woman can receive to try to carry to term? Yes, or no and why?

Question 7: Mrs. Henry has been very concerned about her teenage daughter, Cindy. According to Mrs. Henry, she has been acting “strange” lately. She has been staying in her room after school saying that she needs a nap. Mrs. Henry also states that Cindy was sent home early from school last week because she was “dancing” on the lunch table. Mrs. Henry is taking Cindy to her pediatrician and is very concerned. Reviewing possible mental, genetic and childhood disease, what do you think are some possible diagnoses for Cindy and why? How can she be treated? What can Mrs. Henry do to help with her daughter’s condition?