Identify type of risk and what contributes to that risk

Identify type of risk and what contributes to that risk.

Explain in a method of Dependent Variable & Independent Variables. Explain the relationship between variables and how they contribute to the risk identified

Show conceptual map

Dissertation Checklist

Writing Chapter 1
o Title, Introduction objectives etc – 1000 words

· Writing Chapter 2
o Literature review – use of academic and business literature
o Critical analysis of literature – 3000 to 3500 words & need Minimum 35 Apa references for Literature review. Overall dissertation need around 50 Apa references 

· Writing Chapter 3
o Quantitative data
o Methods of data collection eg questionnaire, interviews
o Methods of data analysis (brief) – quantitative (eg correlation)
o Primary and secondary data
o Inductive and deductive approaches
o Research ethics

· Writing Chapter 4
o Write the summary of data that was collected eg bar charts
o Write the results of data analysis

· Writing Chapter 5
o Recommendations (this can only be done after data analysis) etc

· Writing other parts of the dissertation
o Overall dissertation structure – Table of Contents, Appendix 1

Some other key ideas
· The Literature review is not based on personal work experience. It is based on literature.
· Referencing is compulsory in all chapters.