Identify in detail the current target market and why they patronize use this product

The paper is about creating a new product or service for consumers. Our group chose to create a new park in Disney for customers older than 21. The park will include a swimming pool with bar and there will be a night club for the night.

My part in the paper is to do #5 in the list below which is providing 2 examples…

Please read carefully and let me know if u can do it.

Group Consumer Profile Analysis Steps

Working in your group, analyze the existing product/service, starting with understanding its existing and potential target markets.

1) Identify in detail the current target market and why they patronize use this product (remember, primarily based on benefits).

2) Identify the new target market and why the firm should pursue it. Define your chosen segment by providing a comprehensive description.
A. Demographics (age, sex, occupation, education)
B. Social/cultural

3) Teams will then conduct a focus group of at least 6 consumers in the chosen segmented market. Describe the demographics of your six interviewees.

4) Describe common consumption behaviors that would be representative of your chosen segment and explain how product/brand decision-making might take place by someone in this segment.
A. Common attitudes, values, and desires
B. Similar life transitions, likes and dislikes, and interests and hobbies
C. Self concept/personality/life style
D. Unique consumer behaviors of the chosen group

5) Provide 2 examples of ways the company/brand/store could use to target this new market segment (you may develop new media campaign ideas). Provide graphic illustrations.

6) Based on the information provided in your research, summarize your ideas by suggesting a few guidelines when the company/store marketing products or services to this market segment. Use product positioning to support your recommendations.