How can we reduce the rate of institutionalization of our seniors in Canada


Q3. How can we reduce the rate of institutionalization of our seniors in Canada? How does the Canadian approach for seniors’ health services compare to programs and services for seniors’ health in other countries? What changes could Canada consider, based on approaches used elsewhere, to decrease the rate of institutionalization of our seniors? In your response, provide balanced evidence and examples from two other countries.

Your essay will be evaluated according to how well the following criteria are met. The paper should be no more than 5 single spaced pages or 10 double spaced pages approximately 1,250- 1,500 words. A completed reference list must be included.

1. Clear articulation of the topic, issues – 10%

2. Analysis of the topic – 60%

Argument supported by a critical analysis of the literature on the topic
Proper and selective use of quotes to support argument
Accurate use of data sources
Indication of integration of course material
3. Conclusion – 10%

Strong concluding comments which clearly address the issues raised in the paper.
4. Style – 20%

Proper grammar, sentence structure and punctuation
Complete references and proper use of endnotes/footnotes
Appropriate and complete bibliography in a formal style of your choice
Absence of spelling mistakes and typos
Proper pagination
Appropriate length according to guidelines