***1 page summary for chapter ten in “Arts And Culture: An Introduction to the humanities” 4Ed ——( Due 06/02/14 )——

***1 page summary for chapters eleven and twelve
your summary should include not only a basic synopsis of the material read, but your thoughts, reaction, connection to the reading.

***movie, 2 page summary of a movie. The first two-thirds of your movie summary should be a summarization of the movie. The second third of the paper should be your response to the film. Did the work hit the mark? Did it remain true to the topic Your opinion on this film is an important component of this

you can choose from these movies
Percy Jackson
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
One Night with King
for other movies. please tell me first
for example:
if you chose gladiator, then it is about Ancient Rome