Financial Analysis

Each student will be assigned a company for which they will conduct a financial analysis project. Included in the analysis will be the following items:

• Background Information/Environmental Scan
• DuPont Identity
• Current Ratio
• Acid Test Ratio
• Inventory Holding Period
• Average Collection Period
• Debt Ratio

• Free Cash Flow
• Market Value Added
• Economic Value Added
• Dividend Yield
• Required Rate of Return based on the Capital Asset Pricing Model

After calculating the above items, the student will make a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold the company’s common stock at its current price. The recommendation should be based on the calculations required plus any other information about the company that the student believes pertinent.

In a separate section of the paper, the student will describe a situation in which his/her company would make use of capital budgeting. No calculations are required. This section of the paper would be about one to two pages describing the process that the company would make use of for analyzing the capital budgeting situation.

In a third section of the paper, the student should describe how the company would use cost-volume-profit analysis for one of its products. No calculations are necessary; just provide an explanation of how the process works. This section of the paper should be one to two pages.