Film Music

Write a 2,500-word case study on a film, a film genre, a film franchise, TV programme or
documentary of your choosing. The case study should be a comprehensive analysis of the
music and how it is used, positioning it in a theoretical context, for which you may use either
the models you explored in Coursework 1 or the model I delivered in the first lecture. You
must also use reputable literature to support your analysis. 

In this context, “reputable literature” means books and journal articles but not fan sites, Wiki
or other material of doubtful provenance. The Internet may be used for background reading
and you may cite it, providing your own analysis supports what is being said in the article.
Make sure that you are using a comprehensive analytical model for the basis of your
work, and remember that you should refer to a wide range of academic literature to
support your arguments, using the correct in-text referencing format.
You should expect to use musical quotes and theoretical musical analysis as appropriate.