Family Counseling Approach

Write a research paper/formal literature review on one of the specific approaches to family counseling.

Please Note: You must have appropriate professional references, including books and journals that are written to or for professionals. You may use some non-professional materials; however, these may not be the bulk of your references
Two Part Paper: First Part: 6 pages Second Part 4 pages:

The research portion of the paper must be at least 6 double-spaced pages, in APA format, and use a minimum of 12 scholarly references. This assignment should also include a personal integration section in which the student will integrate his/her own faith and family counseling approach. The personal integration section should be at least four pages in length and should maintain the same formatting as the research section. Please see the attached documents for further detail.

Textbook used in course
Goldenberg, H., & Goldenberg, I. (2013). Family therapy: An overview (8th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brookes/Cole. ISBN: 9781111828806