Estimating multiple regression model; GCC countries

Project Topics in Stat 222

Estimating multiple regression model; GCC countries

1 – The impact of exports And FDI (Foreign Direct investment) on GDP in Qatar (1994-2011) from your on word not from the internet


1- The Group can get the data from the statistical reports of the central bank of each of the countries ( through the internet, they can search the central bank web). The report should include some of those reports in a soft copy to the instructor. The documents
will be part of the evaluation process

2 -The groups has to provide a descriptive statistics of each variable (Three series) in the report (mean, median, variance, standard deviation, maximum, minimum, …etc.)

3-The group should plot the data for the three series and include the graphs in the report

4 -The group should run the estimation using Excel (Data, Data Analysis) to get the Coefficients and the standard errors of each coefficient (As it is done during the lectures)

5-The group should run the hypothesis testing for each Coefficient and for the regression as a whole

6-At the end, the student should analyze the results as in the text.