Entertainment marketing

This is the 3rdpart of the final. Part #1 was handed out in class on April 15, 2014; and Part #2 was handed out in class on April 22, 2014. Your final exam essay [covering parts #1 and #2 and #3) is due on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 by 9:00 pm. Send your exam as an email attachment to: [email protected]. In the subject line state: ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING FINAL EXAM. This should avoid any paper ending up in a span file.  DO NOT LEAVE A COPY IN MY FORDHAM MAIL BOX. MAXIMUM LENGTH FOR PARTS #1 AND #2 AND #3: TEN [10] PAGES.
Since you will have all of the industry Power Point slides, the cases, access to all of the articles on the Fordham Library, and time to prepare your essays (i.e., +3 weeks for part #1; +2 weeks for part #2; and 8 days for part #3), any late paper will be downgraded 5% for each late day. Late begins at 9:01 pm on May 7th.
QUESTION #8: What is the NFL Media group’s general strategic direction? What are the key drivers of its success to date? And what are the threats? What, in your view, is the preferred way of managing digital operations for a sports league – and of managing traditional versus new media channels? The NFL pursues both exclusive and non-exclusive partnerships in the digital space. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? [worth 10%];
QUESTION #9: COMMENT ON THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT REGARDING OCTONE. YOU MAY AGRREE, DISAGREE, OR PARTIALLY AGREE WITH ANY STATEMENT. “The Octone case examines how managers in creative industries allocate resources over time for a products released using a ‘grassroots’ approach, and contrast it with a more mainstream, wider release strategy. This case illustrates the inherent complexity of marketing music in a changing consumer landscape.”[worth 10%];
QUESTION #10: Why was Marvel’s turnaround so successful? Would you characterize that success as a fluke? Or do you view it as sustainable? Why? How? To what extent is Marvel’s success due to only one character, Spider-Man? How can Marvel develop its lesser-known characters? [worth 10%].

QUESTION #11 EXTRA CREDIT. What were the important motion picture marketing or industry issues raised in the following articles: DeVany & Walls and DeSear and Goettler & Leslie. [worth 15%].