: English and Literatur

There are 2 parts of this course work: 1.a draft of “white paper”(1500 words) 2.a Combined Memorandum and Progress Report for white paper. (800 words)

1. The main document in this course will be a ‘white paper.’ This is a type of research paper that examines a certain topic and presents itself as an authoritative voice. Review the links in Resources (White Paper folder) on the nature of a white paper. The goal of the white paper is for you to argue, discuss, or present a position on technology and education from the perspective of your dream job. While you may voice your opinion in the white paper, each of your opinions should be supported with information from credible, reliable, and verifiable sources.

The use of sources from experts helps to support your position presented in your white paper. It is important to consider all sources of information – negative and positive – to respond to the negative, while highlighting the positive. Your goal is to help the reader make up their mind on the subject, based upon the information that you have gathered.

Format: For the draft of the white paper, use this structure:

Cover page: Indicate the title of your report, your name, date, and the dream job company; include the word count also
Introduction (outline a problem and include thesis statement)
Discussion (evaluate the historical background of a problem using supporting evidence and conclusions)
Recommendations (offer generic concepts that might pose a solution and the associated benefits, and then introduce your unique solution to the problem):
Resources (documentation and verification of discussion points)

1. Goal:
To identify the progress you have made on your white paper, and what steps are needed to take to complete the document. The memorandum and associated progress report should be at least 800 words.

2. Format, pp. 153-154 (memorandum) & 139-140 (progress report):
Use the structure of the documents that are presented in the text, where the sections are used as headings (review chapter 6). This progress report will be written as a memorandum for the supervisor or manager at your dream job. Review the structure for a memorandum (chapter 10), especially noting the differences between the letter and the memorandum.

Use the proper memorandum format. This memorandum should be directed to the supervisor or manager of your dream job, using a name, if possible, or simply a position. Locate an appropriate individual, other than simply using “Human Resources.” This may mean that you will have to do some additional exploring of the company or organization, to locate an acceptable individual. You should provide some type of introductory paragraph that allows the individual to understand the purpose and nature of the relevant progress report.

Progress report:
The following sections are fully detailed in the text, and are not meant to substitute for that information.

This should be a 150- to 200-word summary of the subject/purpose of your white paper, where you discuss how you will consider the impact of education and technology for your dream job. You may wish to review your comments in blog 2 on your focus for the white paper.

Project description:
Describe your work on the white paper report, stating its purpose and scope that covers any specific steps you need to undertake. This could include writing an outline (chapter 3), identifying appropriate images (chapter 6), and locating credible sources (chapter 7).

Work completed:
This should highlight your white paper efforts to date, including the preliminary research that you have accomplished, identifying reputable or reliable sources of information. Here is where you may wish to include discussions on Classroom at the End of the ‘Line.’

Work planned for future periods:
This should reflect work that is planned to complete the white paper, and a schedule for accomplishing those tasks.

Appraisal of progress:
Reflect on your progress on the white paper, identifying where you are ahead of schedule and where you are behind schedule.