English and Literature

Using at least 2 texts from the following list, choose a topic and develop an argument:
Confederacy of Dunces
Sister Carrie
The Death and Life of American Cities
Slouching Toward Bethlehem
Division Street: America
“The Little Man at Chehaw Station”
Thorstein Veblen’s “The Theory of the Leisure Class” (1899)
You may use the include the following as evidence, but not as main sources:
Scenes from “A Streetcar Named Desire”
Scenes from “Godfathers and Sons” (Martin Scorsese)
Scenes from “Summer of Love, 1967”
Scenes from “It”
You may write on ANY TOPIC of your choice, as long as you write a well-argued, evidence-backed, thesis-driven paper. Please be creative.
Start with a topic. For example, capitalism, consumerism and social class.
Select your texts. For example, Sister Carrie, “The Theory of the Leisure Class,” selected interviews in Division Street: America.
Develop an argument, using the texts as evidence.
For example: the city and the artist.
Texts: Confederacy, Carrie, Division Street.
(supporting scenes from “Godfathers and Sons” and supporting information from the Motown lecture; scenes from “Maxwell Street”)
For example: neighborhoods.
Texts: Jacobs, Division Street, Confederacy
Choose any topic you want. Any of the texts can be used to say anything, as long as you have something to say.
Do not use the first person narrative voice, and do not retell the plots or waste space explaining what the film was about, and so on. Use the paper to argue points, not remind the reader what happened in the original texts.
Mechanical and formatting issues:
5 single-spaced pages, no fewer than 2,500 words. Include the word count on the first page.
Times Roman typeface, 12 pt. type.
Single-spaced block paragraphs with single (not double or triple) white space between paragraphs
Standard margins
Parenthetical MLA citations or footnotes, with a Works Cited page
No semi-colons (your word processing software deposits them randomly at the first sign of a sentence fragment, so they are invariably incorrect)
Do not start a sentence with “Also”
Proofread (don’t merely have the computer spell check)
The paper must have an original title that is creative and engaging