English and Literature

The Encarta World English Dictionary defines mask as a noun, meaning (1) a covering for the eyes, mouth, or whole face; (2) something that conceals or disguises something else, for example, true motives or feelings; (3) a representation of a face used as an ornament or decoration; (4) the face or facial markings of some animals, for example, foxes and raccoons; (5) a natural or artificial feature that hides military troops and installations from an enemy; etc.
“We all have a social mask, right? We put it on, we go out, put our best foot forward, our best image. But behind that social mask is a personal truth, what we really, really believe about who we are and what we`re capable of.”
                                                                        Amy Hall
“The problem is once you start lying, especially on a large scale, it becomes addictive and second nature, but you have to maintain it. And when you lie about your core being, you cause a lot of damage to yourself.” 
                                                                        Tracey Scott Wilson in an interview
In a number of plays we’ve read/seen this semester, we see the use of the mask to successfully navigate the worlds embodied in the plays. Using Stew’s PASSING STRANGE, and Tracey Scott Wilson’s THE STORY, clearly discuss and analyze the use of the mask by the lead characters and the impact this mask on them and those around them.  In answering, define how the character came to the mask, what they were hiding, and whether they were successful in navigating their worlds.  Use the text for support.
Your paper must be typed, 12 font, one inch margins, and 5-7 pages in length.  Proof read for simple errors in grammar, spelling, and syntax usage.  Consider, too, this is an upper level course and my expectations of your writing will reflect this.  You might want to read your paper aloud as you proofread it; this helps you recognize whether what you have written makes aural sense (and if it doesn’t, then it won’t make sense when I read it either). Organize your paper well.
This is your final exam for Theatre 316-001 and, as such, is due Wednesday, April 30 by 7pm.  I will not accept late submissions.  At 7:01pm, your paper will no longer be eligible to be counted and will earn a zero (0) for your final exam grade.