Effective communication as a skill for a medical coder

I.               Effective communication as a skill for a medical coder
    Thesis: To succeed as a medical coder you need several skills. One of them is the ability to pay attention to detail. Strong analytical and evaluation skills are just as important. One also has to have the ability to be able to work alone. The most important skill is communication.
II.                Medical laws change frequently
a.       The ability to be flexible is essential
b.      It is most important to stay on top of the laws and the changes.
c.       Lack of knowledge of the changes could result in incorrect billing.
III.             Coding is a job that does not require direct supervision
a.       The ability to work alone is a skill set that is learned.
b.      It is important to prioritize work in order to discern when to consult others.
c.       When working unattended you are solely for managing your time and completing your work load in a timely manner.
IV.             Analytical skills are used to review medical are records and charts.
a.       It is imperative to be able to determine what code is required.
b.      Upon review of the medical record or chart one should also be able to determine what procedures were done.
c.       In some cases all of the information required for coding may not be in the chart. Analytical skills are used to determine if all necessary information is present.
V.                Communication will be used in any profession.
a.       As a medical coder you must be able to communicate with other health professionals.
b.      A coder will have to answer questions about coding and their review of medical records.
c.       As a coder you may have to draft correspondence to be sent to insurance companies.
d.      Verbal communication is essential as a coder. You have to know how to verbalize an answer to questions presented to you by patients or other health professionals that may not understand all of the terminology used normally.