Critically analyse the Kingfisher Plc. with specific reference to models theories and techniques explored in the module

Resit Assignments
ES1 Assignment 2 Individual essay Resit
The Essay
Students will grow in their knowledge and understanding of the subject material as they work on the assignment. To this end students are expected to reflect on each week’s learning and apply it to their chosen company using a personal journal function in Nile. Journal entries must be submitted as appendix to the assignment.
In writing the essay students would be expected to refer to company group reports and accounts, analysts’ and company reports from trade and other journals andrelevant theory
Critically analyse the Kingfisher Plc. with specific reference to models theories and techniques explored in the module.
Your essay should include the following information about the company:
1.    Description including: size, turnover, industry, market share, key markets, sourcing of raw materialsand other relevant information.
2.    Important financial trends for this company over 5 years.
3.    Strategic actions related to the international nature of the company including major developments over recent years. Comment on key areas of strength or weakness of the strategy with reference todegree of competition, geographical location, financing and implications.
1000 words
4.    In particular you are expected to analyse and discuss how the company manages any identifiable:
·         Exchange rate risk and
·         Country and political risk
5.    Your recommendations for managing these risks and international operations.
1500 words
Learning Outcome
To produce well-argued and critical appraisals on a wide area of the subject material and to demonstrate detailed knowledge on at least one area of the syllabus.
The written work should demonstrate a clear understanding of the research in the field of study.
Max length 2500 words.
The written assignment will be submitted through NILE.
·         A good understanding of the theories and arguments relevant to the essay
·         A logical linkage to related literatures
·         Use of appropriate models, concepts and theories
·         Appropriate use of diagrams and illustrations
·         Critically evaluating alternative theories and/or empirical evidence
·         Use of the Harvard reference system properly in the main text and references
·         Logical development of the arguments
·         Independent thinking and critical reflection
·         Regular thoughtful journal entries.
·         A clear and coherent structure of the essay
·         The quality of language used of an appropriate standard, e.g., punctuality, spelling and grammar
·         Using appropriate academic language