Critical reflection

Students may elect to represent their information compiled from subject resources, earlier assessment items and online Forum discussions either as appendices or quotes. An academic paper of a maximum of 1500 words must include at least an Introduction, Conclusion, and Reference List.
As information/topic organising tools, students can include relevant sub-headings if they wish.
This assignment is best-presented in an essay-style format that covers: an introduction [what is the context and relationship of ideas about this context?]; an exposition [of ideas about what are some of the communication activities that go on/happen in that context?]; any complication/s [what are some issues that arise within that context, and why?]; suitable resolution and analysis [of the problems or issues in that context], and conclusion [include critical reflection and further actions for the future].
The paper can include ‘critique’ which therefore requires some opinion, but the latter must be supported by relevant references [as a guide for 1500 words, students should aim for between 6-8 references from a variety of sources, including at least the Kaye text].
Please note 1: The References are all part of the final word count – they are integral to this piece of work].
Please note 2: Because this is a 'critical reflection essay' students are permitted to write in the 'first person'; the subjective voice; the 'I' voice.
The academic paper must meet the following criteria:
   maximum 1200 – 1500 words [includes references]
   formatted appropriately at 1.5 line-spacing
   be structurally sound in regards to sentences and paragraphs
   include at least an Introduction, Conclusion, and Reference List [which is not the same as a Bibliography]
   include not just description, but analysisand reflection as well
   must include appropriate in-text references and a Reference list that have been formatted according to APA guidelines

   must be saved as a normal Word document in order for it to be marked