Computer science

There are some computers available today that are designed to be worn on a belt or wrist. As mentioned in the Technology and You box, computers in the future may be able to morph into different configurations, such as a wristband, upon demand. Today's wearable computers are primarily designed for mobile workers, surgeons, military personnel, and other individuals who need hands-free access to a computer.

For this project, locate one wearable computer on the market and determine its purpose, cost, and capabilities. What tasks can it perform? Who would use this computer? Is it geared for consumer use? If so, would you wear this computer in public? Why or why not? If not, what would need to change in order for you to be willing to wear it? Think about your chosen profession—would a wearable computer be needed or be useful?

At the conclusion of your research, prepare a one-page summary of your findings and opinions and submit it to your instructor. Include citations as needed to avoid the possibility of plagiarism.