Computer science
As discussed in this chapter, TV is one of the newest entertainment options available for mobile phones. From live TV to video clips and movies, mobile TV is taking off.
For this project, investigate the mobile TV options available today. Find at least two services and compare features, such as cost, compatibility, channels, and programming. Do your selected services offer live TV, video-on-demand, or both? If you have a mobile phone, are any of the services available through your 

Click here to have a similar A+ quality paper done for you by one of our writers within the set deadline at a discounted….mobile provider? Are there currently Web sites where mobile users can view episodes of TV shows for free, like personal computer users can? What is the current status of the push by the Open Mobile Video Coalition to have a free mobile TV standard across the United States? Have you ever watched TV on a mobile phone? If so, how do you rate your experience and would you do it again? If not, would you want to watch TV on a mobile phone? Do you think mobile TV is the wave of the future? Why or why not?
At the conclusion of your research, write a one-page paper on your findings and opinions and submit it to your instructor. Include citations as needed to avoid the possibility of plagiarism and write in first person.