Community PsychologyContent—is your hypothesis that the teen pregnancy rate is declining, or that even with the identified decline, certain groups have been identified as continuing to be at risk of higher teen pregnancy rates? Perhaps a better way to identify the hypothesis is “Despite overall declines in teen pregnancy rates, some ethnic minority groups continue to see an increase due to a lack of parental support and specific community outreach.” Based on this, what type of information would you need to know to either support or refute this? (Demographics, teen pregnancy rates by ethnicity, knowledge of where/what outreach programs are available and to what specific groups, etc). While much of this information could come from the sources you list, you need to identify what type of information you need. Keep in mind that a proposal is how you are describing the study to someone you hope will pay for it. If I asked you to pay for a car for me, would you say yes and hand over a blank check, or would you ask how much, do you get paid back, what kind of car and why do I need it? When you write the next assignment (the abstract), you will need to describe these things as if you have already completed the study and give some results.