I will upload all the necessary papers that will be needed but is has to be like i went and observed since the main question is ”
2) Take a specific form of social setting: a hospital; a museum, an airport, a shopping Mall, a bank, a particular street in a busy neighborhood (not one on which you have written before in your context assignment): describe and discuss all the ways it is interactionally organized and the methods of interpersonal communication and interaction that are central to it, both verbal and non-verbal.

This is meant to be an analysis and an application of the concepts we discussed, not a simple journalistic description. Please remember that you are being asked to give an analysis not a description. Do not forget that in order to discuss the organization of this setting, you need to talk about the rules (both constitutive and regulative), the patterns, and the shared background understandings that are taken to exist in such settings. You need to include examples of interactions you have observed personally and directly (i.e. first-hand) in that setting.”