Business and ManagementPlease prepare a half page response for each part:

Part 1

One of the many ways a healthcare provider can define the market they wish to serve (from an overall stand point) is by doing a strategic plan and then by doing a market analysis. In doing so, the market analysis will allow the healthcare provider (hospitals, outpatient center or a physician office) to identify, assess, project and develop their area of expertise or specialty. It has been said that “hospitals define primary, secondary, and (sometimes) tertiary service areas for use in market analysis. Such areas are often defined based on patient origin (for example, the percentage of discharges a hospital received from a particular area in relation to the hospital’s overall discharges), market share (the percentage of discharges a hospital receives from a particular area in relation to the overall discharges generated in the area), or a combination of both factors” (Bauer, J. C. (1996). Knowing the market will help the healthcare provider define themselves more than if they do not. For example, if you have a community that has a lot of children in it, it may be best to open up a pediatric center or outpatient center than say a regular outpatient center. 

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Other elements that can play a part in defining their speciality can consist of conducting customer research, they can do surveys, establishing specialty related programs (for example, a nutritionist can develop a dietary plan for their patients), and implementing health based practices that will give their patients the best care applicable. On another note, a healthcare provider can define themselves by their bedside manners, their compliance with state and federal laws, and the overall care they offer. From another point of view, the treatment a patient receives from the staff can define the provider as well as the environment or atmosphere of the office and the office location. 

Part 2

Defining the market is important for healthcare providers. Before entering in the market, healthcare providers should conduct many activities, such as creating a strategic plan, setting up a goal, conducting market analysis, investigating the customers’ patterns, choosing the location, building organizational structure, and budgeting (Daemmrich, 2013). Proper location is extremely important. If there are existing hospitals in a particular area, it is best not to start another one there. Also, the area healthcare providers select should be easily approachable and have transportation facilities.

Strategic management and marketing are also important. Leaders can coordinate with the organizations in local area especially with the medical associations. This will give them more knowledge on how they can run their business. It is necessary to hire professionals that are well-trained and knowledgeable. Leaders should also choose a target market and identify the groups of customers whom the organization wishes to attract. One traditional way to define the market is to record people walked in hospitals. Healthcare organization can identify people who walked into their facility or used the emergency room. In addition, healthcare providers can develop profiles of their patients and develop a marketing strategy based on patient profiles (Smyczek & Matysiewicz, 2012). The second way to define market is to conduct a customer survey by focus group or questionnaire. Healthcare organizations should identify the following areas: what are the needs and wants of the patient? What is their level of knowledge, information sources, consumer patterns or response to the product or service? Healthcare organizations can find some professional market research companies to help them to understand the customers’ pattern and target market.