Business and Management

Flayton electronics was a regional chain consisting of 32 stores. The chairman of the company is Mr. Brett Flayton. The company has presence in 6 states with a meek online presence. The chairman received troubling news about the data breach from the security head of the company. Ms. Laurie Benson has already informed Mr. Brett about the possible data breach. Union Century Bank, contacted Ms. Laurie, regularly monitors fraudulent patterns of account theft. The data theft is common in IT industry, and such cases are reported to authorities on a regular basis. The thieves stole email addresses, bank account information, social security numbers and credit card common. The company has recently spent a good amount of time and money in new payment card industry and enhancing data protection standards. The reason behind the data theft was identified as a disabled firewall leading to company internal data was accessed. This could have been accidental or deliberate because the system was recently installed. It could also have been closed due to maintenance work