Business and ManagementASSIGNMENT – BMET5103
BMET5103 – ENTREPRENEURSHIP ASSIGNMENT INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT This assignment calls for critical thinking and analysis of the entrepreneurial process in entrepreneurship. ASSIGNMENT OBJECTIVES: The assignment is intended to foster the following objectives:
 Improving your critical thinking and application skills.

 Identifying innovation and organisational management opportunities and applying them strategically as needed to grow and sustain for profit / not for profit ventures.
 Combining knowledge from other courses with the new material presented in the course to develop sophisticated analyses and solutions to pursuing innovative solutions in today’s fast-paced, global, and highly competitive environment.
ASSIGNMENT QUESTION “One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you.” – Jeff P. Bezos What does Jeff Bezos mean and what is the impact for would-be entrepreneurs? In this regard analyse the workings of How is it a global company? What makes it competitive and if so is it sustainable? On this matter how can Yemen create success stories like Apple, Samsung, Google and others like them in Yemen? Apply the William D. Bygrave model of the entrepreneurial process to comprehensively recommend a workable approach for Yemen today. You are required to discuss and evaluate the challenges posed and substantiate your answer with local and global examples where appropriate. [80 marks]

____________________________________________________________________________ Note: The grade for this assignment will be substantially influenced by the originality and overall ability of the student to compare, evaluate and analyse the innovation challenges in entrepreneurship for organisations. Any form of plagiarism and / or lack of proper referencing will result in a substantial mark down or fail result. ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION: All assignments must be handed in at the stated time and in the stated form or they will automatically receive a grade zero. It is your responsibility to retain a copy of your assignments should any questions arise later concerning the said assignments.
PRESENTATION You will deliver an oral presentation (Power Point slide between 5 -10 minutes) at the end of the semester (Seminar 5) highlighting the salient points of your investigation and opinions. Online students are exempted. [20 marks] ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES / ASSIGNMENT FORMAT:
 Your assignment should be typed on A4 paper using 12-point Times New Roman and 1.5 spacing.
 Your assignment should NOT exceed 2500 words, not including appendix and reference.
 Your must provide references. References should use the American Psychological Association (APA) format.
 References should include the latest journal/book publication (year 2005 and onwards).
 You are to submit a softcopy of your assignment via email. You must receive acknowledgement email from your facilitator to confirm submission.
 Plagiarism is not acceptable. If you are not sure what is meant by plagiarism, refer to the various websites which discuss this matter, e.g.
 Plagiarised assignments will receive a ‘Fail’ mark.