Article Analysis

Deliverable:  Article Analysis
Learning Objective:  To practice analyzing a problem using stakeholder perspective and analytical tools to illustrate the lessons learned and skills developed this semester.
Format:  This is not graded on writing but on your analysis.  Bullets are fine.  Show me your thinking.  Please answer the questions below.
Using the WSJ journal provided, answer the following questions.  Please use 1 – 2 2×2 matrices or other analytical frameworks to analyze the problem. 
·         Including your client, who are the stakeholders in this article?
·         What are their goals, interests, assumptions and challenges?
·         What issues does this raise for our client?
·         What light does your project experience shed on how problem could be addressed? Include in  your analysis a description of the overall issue and the impact on stakeholders.
·         What advice would you give if you were hired to solve this challenge? What are the possible solutions?

·         What is your overall conclusion?