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Discussion Assignment
Assignment 2: Final Project

Assignment Overview

In order to create unique imagery, it is necessary to understand what came before us. An informed photographer draws on his or her knowledge of the medium and history to present views of the world in new ways. By researching fine art photographers, you will be able to identify seminal photographs and think critically about how your own work fits into the contemporary photographic community. We can also learn about the practice of photography by emulating or replicating master works.

Assignment Description

This is a two-part assignment involving a research component and a creative photographic proposal.

Part 1: Research Paper

In Part 1 of this assignment, you will research a historical fine art photographer from your selected and approved list of Week 4 photographers and make comparisons with a contemporary photographer who has been influenced by the styles, approaches, methods, or intent of work from this era in photo history.

Use a Microsoft Word document to create a report (750 words minimum); support your statements with appropriate references whenever necessary. Follow current MLA guidelines for writing style, grammar, spelling, and citation of sources.

Part 2: Creative Brief

In Part 2 of this assignment, you will begin designing your re-created master work. You will select one image by a photographer from your set (Weeks 2–6), research the image in further depth, and submit a creative photographic proposal that outlines what photograph you will re-create and how you will do so. Your creative brief will serve as the template for your re-created photograph, due in Week 6.

Assignment Step-by-Step Instructions

Part 1: Research Paper

Research the photographer from your set listed under Week 4. Look up the photographer in your textbook, check for references in the Week 4 lectures, conduct thorough Internet searches, and/or visit your local library.
Take notes in your own words while researching. Keep track of quotations and sources so that you can reference the information later.
Compose a written paper that includes the following:
A brief biography of the photographer, including birth and death dates, nationality, occupation, and places where the photographer's work was published
A discussion on the work, photographic styles, and approaches of the photographer
At least one visual example from photography, painting, or other media that was an influence on this photographer, as well as your interpretation of how the photographer was influenced by this artist or artwork
A discussion identifying the social, political, economic, or cultural influences of the work, as related to the time period
A description of how the photographer's work is different from that of his or her peers in style or approach and how he or she exemplifies fine art photography
Locate three examples of images by your photographer. Embed copies of the images in your paper and cite the source. Critique all the three images using the “describe, interpret, and evaluate” method.
Look in the later chapters of your textbook or conduct an Internet search. Find at least one contemporary artist who cites your historical photographer as an innovator or influence. Make connections between the contemporary photographer and the historical one by discussing the similarities and differences in the work. Embed at least one image by the contemporary photographer and cite the source.
Add a works-cited page to your Microsoft Word document that lists all the sources you used in your research. Follow MLA conventions.